Depression Vs Drumming

marching and drumming

Lee Serpa Azevado

Depression is defined as a long lasting low mood that affects your ability to do everyday things, feel pleasure, or take interest in activities. Depression can affect people of any age. It is the most common mental illness. Definitions aside, for those that suffer from depression, the effect and experience is uniquely different for everyone.

Depression can occur for many differentt reasons. Some people are unfortunately more susceptible to it than others. There are numerous types of depression. To explore them all in detail is simply beyond the scope of this article.

I personally see depression as a battle. Some people are fortunate enough to overcome it. Some people are tragically overcome with the darkest of thoughts and ultimately take their own lives due to the enduring emotional pain and ultimate loss of hope. While others live with it and manage each day at a time.

“I am one of the…

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